Finding the attractive Gila monster facts

A gila monster is actually a well known species of the venomous lizard in the southwest region of the United States and also northwest area of Sonora, Mexico. It usually lives in the dessert area such as Sonoran, Chihuahuan, and Mojave. The Gila monster basically prefers its life in semi-arid or arid habitats and any other rocky regions. It can be found on the height of 5000 feet from the ground. It is listed as the endangered that is threatened species because of the habitat loss as the effect of increased agriculture. Every person should need to understand interesting Gila monster facts in terms of different factors.

Basic facts of Gila monster:

  • Gila monster is in fact the largest species or lizard in the North region of USA. It can achieve nearly two feet in length and up to five pounds in weight.
  • Its body is covered with beads rather than scales. This is why it is considered as a kind of reptile. The back of Gila monster is in black color and intersected with the orange, pink, and light markings which can be arranged in different patterns.
  • Gila monster is named after the Gila River sink in Arizona because it was identified first on that location.
  • Dissimilar to the venomous snakes which have hollow teeth, this Gila monster has large size of teeth also with grooves. It can insert toxins only by crushing the tissue of the victims.
  • It produces very dangerous and harmful neurotoxin that negatively affects the nerve functions. This toxin is very stronger and risky than the toxin produced by the western diamond back rattlesnake.
  • A stuff separated from this harmful toxin called exendin-4 which is now under examination as a new drug which will help in the diabetes treatments.

Interesting Gila monster facts:

The persons who would like to know more about this reptile can read these further Gila monster facts about its different behaviours.

  • Usually, Gila monsters spend 98 % of its lifetime hidden in the underground holes. It leaves out the safety of that hole very rarely to find the food and to mate. It is actually a diurnal animal.
  • Gila monster basically eats small birds, eggs, lizards, mammals, carrions, and frogs.
  • It can take food one third of its original weight during the single meal. Gila monster requires only three to four large meals per annum and it has very slower metabolism.
  • Gila monsters have long and very thick tail to store fats. These fats will then be used as an energy source when they couldn’t get food.
  • It is solitary and territorial creature. One Gila monster animal requires country of about 1 square mile.
  • Gila monster collects in large groups during its mating season which usually takes place from April to June.
  • Female gila monsters prepare nests in undergrounds where they will leave from 2 to 12 leathery eggs. After the 10 months of incubation period, the eggs have developed and young gila monsters released.